ENACT S.A. provides superior waste management services, ensuring a high level of environmental protection and public health, in absolute compliance with the existing waste regulations.

The company offers a definitive solution to the problem of temporary storage, collection and transportation of waste. It ensures proper disposal at approved sites and landfills, contributing substantially to the environmental protection of the wider region. The company strictly follows the directives of the European Union which are fully incorporated into Greek legislation and imposes specific procedures for the disposal of waste, thus ensuring to its partners the implementation of comprehensive waste management.

The company has all the necessary licenses for management of inert and other recyclable waste, assuring customers of full legitimacy.

ENACT S.A. operates in the waste management sector. The company promoting fully sustainable development invests in new equipment and technologies, taking an active role in improving environmental performance. It also provides upgraded waste management services, to ensure a high level of environmental protection and public health. To limit the impact on the environment, ENACT S.A. strives to develop technologies and methods that will enable maximum recovery of the resources present in waste.

The activity of the company focuses primarily on the following sectors:

  • Waste Management (Collection, transport, temporary storage, treatment, disposal and recycling of municipal - industrial - commercial waste).
  • Management and recycling of organic materials waste from wastewater treatment facilities, agricultural and livestock waste.
  • Operation and management of MRFs & Landfills.
  • Construction and Operation of waste management plants.
  • Energy recovery from Waste.
  • Renewable Energy Production.
  • Design, installation and management of Waste Transfer Stations.
  • Consulting and engineering services on environmental management.